Fri, 22 October 2021

The spellbinding fourth track from Chartreuse’s EP is out now

Communion Records

Chartreuse have today released “Swedish Water”, the spellbinding fourth track taken from the Black Country quartet’s upcoming EP ‘Is It Autumn Already?’ (out 19th November). “Swedish Water” follows singles “Feed Be Fed”, “Things Are Changing Too Quickly” and “Only You”. Watch the lyric video here.

Vocalist Mike Wagstaff had to say on the track:

“This song is for people who find themselves away from the people they love. it’s about working through the frustrations of a long-distance relationship although there are difficult parts of the song it is essentially a love song about wanting to be with the person you love

A few years ago, I took a short trip to Stockholm to visit my girlfriend who was working over there at the time. There’s a lot of water that runs through the centre of Stockholm, it moved in a certain way and looked different, different enough to notice. I think it was something to do with the summer light, it looked like oil moving around swelling up and down it was something special. This being something precious i decided to put into words as a snapshot of my life at the time.

I had just watched Wim Wenders Wings of Desire which follows the journey of angels on earth so i guess i was walking around in that world for quite a while. This inspired me to search online for the definition of an angel ’a person of exemplary conduct or virtue’ these references fed into the opening of the song.”