Mon, 14 June 2021

Cleopatrick release debut album, ‘Bummer’

Communion Records

Canadian DIY duo and global underground sensation Cleopatrick released their highly anticipated debut album ‘BUMMER’ at the beginning of June via their own label, Nowhere Special Recordings. Talking about the record, the boys said: “This album is about growing up. It’s about being alone. It’s about getting ripped off. It’s about finding a voice you didn’t know you had. It’s about holding on to the innocence and purity in your world. It’s about trying to be a man.”

Recorded with 21-year-old NRM peer and producer Jig Dubé putting their supportive, community-driven money where their mouths are, Cleopatrick’s debut is a time capsule of a record - nodding to their insular, small town beginnings but reaching for something altogether more exciting, utopian and full of life.

At its heart, it’s an album about two friends, who’ve been with each other since the formative first steps that adorn ‘BUMMER’’s heartwarming cover images (two pictures taken by the pair’s kindergarten teacher from when Luke and Ian accidentally showed up to school in matching sweaters) and made something that’s a testament to the power of sticking to your guns.