Fri, 26 November 2021

Memorial take some llamas for a walk for a new video

Real Kind Records

Real Kind Records’ Memorial released a brand new track this week in the form of ‘In The Arms of December’ alongside which came a juxtaposed but also equally perfect video which premiered over on Wonderland featuring everyone’s favourite lake district native (shoutout Rocksteady and Echo).

Jack and Ollie said “the making of this video was exactly what we needed at exactly the right time. We’d just come back from a 2 week long tour, and then we find ourselves in the middle of the vast and beautiful Lake District, walking through the scenery with llamas. It was unbelievably therapeutic.” You also still have a chance to nab tickets to the band’s shows at The Slaughtered Llama (oh no, we mean Lamb) in London and Komedia in Brighton next week. Unfortunately, the llamas won’t feature but the beautiful harmonies will.